A community initiative promoting active volunteer participation in local schools Become part of team of volunteers, make new friends and help children reach their potential

HU4K sources and places volunteers who work under the direction of partnering schools (Literacy specialists and teachers) to make a tangible contribution towards improved reading abilities for students selected as needing this help

HANDS UP 4 KIDS is a shining example of local communities helping their local children at their local school

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HANDS UP 4 KIDS brokers partnerships between Primary Schools and the community to make a tangible contribution to improving young student’s reading skills

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COVID-19 safe measures :   The WA Department of Education follows the current public health advice to manage COVID-19 in schools and communities. Committed to delivering quality teaching to children in Western Australia, school staff are required to be triple dose vaccinated and Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) supplies are provided for staff and students.

Mask wearing is optional required in specific settings. Staying home when sick.

Hands Up 4 Kids adheres to the WA Department of Education rulings. As these change from time to time, it is recommended that HU4K Volunteers regularly check the current status.

HU4K recommends: 

  • All volunteers be at least triple vaccinated (as for teachers)
  • Masks be worn at all times
  • Volunteers maintain a reasonable distance from the students while reading

HU4K is also guided by the regulations set by each school Principal and our Zone Coordinators or Regional Coordinator will advise you as soon as any changes or requests from any Principal is advised.
It is your personal choice:  If you would rather not re-join your school volunteer team at the present time, please advise tour Zone Coordinator.

If you have already had COVID please be aware that immunity seems to last only 8-9 weeks.
Continuing to wear a MASK is recommended to also quell the spread of influenza.


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